1. Company

    Founded in the early 1999 by Georg Tuparev as a Dutch training and consulting company, Tuparev Technologies is now delivering specialised financial and business services, and software for research and environmental projects. Our main advantage is the ability to employ specialised knowledge and experience in various fields (as diverse as computer science, astrophysics, medicine, molecular biology, etc). We adopt and use different modern technologies. This allows us to implement and deploy complete solutions for complex problems.

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    Tuparev Technologies team in Koprivshtiza, Bulgaria, april 2022
    Tuparev Technologies team in 2022. Bulgaria, Armenia, UK, USA.
  2. Job Openings

    Our software development team with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria and with colleagues in several European countries (The Netherlands, France, Germany) and the US is soon planning to open new offices in both Germany and Armenia.

    We have a number of new projects that are planned or in early stage development and are constantly looking for new colleagues that have experience with Apple platforms (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS) or with development in general. We also welcome people with knowledge in wide range of fields, from computer science and finances all the way through to astrophysics and robotics. If you are enthusiastic to tackle new challenges and are open to new crazy-sounding ideas, you’ll probably fit into our diverse team perfectly!

    We are an equal opportunity employer, and we mean it. If you join our team, accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform their profession. Parents and others who might need flexible working hours will also be accommodated as much as possible.

    Please do not send us a standard CV! Tell us about who you are, what you like and dislike, your experiences and your expertise. Do you have an app on the AppStore? Open source projects on GitHub? Why do you like what you do? What are your dreams? What would you like to achieve professionally?

    Note: Developers (and their families) trying to escape the war in Ukraine or trying to escape from the repressive Putin regime in Russia are welcome to contact us. We will try to find suitable accommodation for them and their loved ones.

    Our job openings are often not for specific positions but are rather more general. If you think you could be a match for our team (or have any questions for us!) then you are welcome to send us an email at hr@tuparev.com.

    Current job openings

    Server-side Swift developer

    Tuparev Technologies is in the process of creating a new subsidiary in Yerevan, Armenia and we want to grow our existing, small team. We are looking for a server-side Swift developer (any level of experience). Even if you do not have substantial experience with server-side Swift, but are interested in object modelling, and have a background in iOS or macOS, this position might be for you. Alternatively, you might already be an experienced server-site developer who is willing to learn a new language and new technologies.

    Technologies you will use

    Swift, Git, SwiftNIO, JSON/XML/REST, PostgreSQL and/or noSQL databases, iCloud, JavaScript/CSS/HTML, Docker, Java, WebObjects.


    • Develop new server-side and user-facing features
    • Build reusable code and libraries for future use
    • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
    • Optimise applications for maximum speed and scalability
    • Collaborate with other team members and our clients


    • Solid knowledge of least two of the following programming languages: Swift, Objective-C, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Rust, C#.
    • Xcode and other developer tools related to Apple development environment (recommended)
    • Experience with macOS or solid knowledge of Unix
    • Understanding of fundamental design patterns
    • XCTest or another testing framework
    • Good spoken and written English is required. Nice to have: Dutch, German, French, or any other language.
    • Technical writing experience
    • Additional technical or science education (optional)
    • Absolutely required - a passion for learning!

    In the case where a potential candidate for a position of a Server Side Swift developer does not have an opportunity to present to our team a project of sufficient size and complexity that demonstrates her experience of solving complex problems (preferably hosted on `GitHub`) we are giving the candidate the opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge by implementing one of the following possible tasks, described in the link

  3. Latest News


    Company retreat 2022

    Here at Tuparev Technologies, we think that a healthy and positive working environment is vital to building a successful company as well as for development on a more personal level. A key ingredient to this is the social side of work. As we have so many members of our team working in all parts of the globe, we mostly get to contact each other in virtual. It is however a good idea to be able to meet in person from time to time. This led to our company retreat this April, where we had colleagues come from the US, Germany, Armenia and the Netherlands to get together with our main group in Bulgaria.

    The first part of our retreat was held at Koprivshtitsa, a small town deep in the Bulgarian countryside. An idyllic little village hidden in the hills of central Bulgaria, it is not only well known for its many picturesque 19th century merchant's residences ordained with intricate decorations in old Turkish and Bulgarian revival styles but also for the historical significance of this location, where in 1876 an uprising against the Ottoman empire had started.

    As well as visiting these houses, the team also visited the valley of the Thracian Kings a short drive away, where they had the chance to look at ancient Thracian gold artefacts and explore many of the rock formations scattered around the valley which are suspected to contain ancient carvings in various stones. Naturally much of this time was also spent around a table, eating, drinking and chatting while getting to know each other and the new members of our team.

    After the weekend away in Koprivshtitsa, some of the team went to the Rozhen national observatory in the Rhodope Mountains. Here they had tours of some of the current facilities used by the Academy of sciences, as well as an update on the new 1.5 m telescope currently being built with the assistance of our company. This visit was followed by a few days of brainstorming at our main company headquarters in Sofia.

    The company retreat can be most certainly be regarded a success and was a nice change from all the COVID restricted Slack and Skype calls off the last two years. The results of our retreat will hopefully soon be apparent in the coming months!

    Below are a few pictures of our trip and of our members enjoying themselves!