1. Company

    Founded in the early 1999 by Georg Tuparev as a Dutch training and consulting company, Tuparev Technologies is now delivering specialised financial and business services, and software for research and environmental projects. Our main advantage is the ability to employ specialised knowledge and experience in various fields (as diverse as computer science, astrophysics, medicine, molecular biology, etc). We adopt and use different modern technologies. This allows us to implement and deploy complete solutions for complex problems.

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    Tuparev Technologies team in Sofia, Bulgaria
    Our female dominated Sofia software team. We might be applying for Guinness for female dominant software team.
  2. Job Openings

    Our software development team headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria with colleagues in several European countries (The Netherlands, France, Germany) and the US is planning to open a new office in Yerevan, Armenia, and in the long turn we are also looking to expand in other Eastern European locations such as Russia and Ukraine.

    We have a number of new projects planned and are therefore always looking for new colleagues that have experience in Apple related platforms (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS) or with development in general and for those with knowledge in a number of fields, from computer science and finances all the way up to astrophysics and robotics. If you are enthusiastic to tackle new challenges and are open to new crazy-sounding ideas, you’ll probably fit in our diverse team perfectly!

    We are an equal opportunity employer, and we mean it. If you join our team, accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform their profession. Parents and others who might need flexible working hours will also be accommodated as much as possible.

    Please do not send us a standard CV! Tell us about who you are, what you like and dislike, your experiences and expertise. Do you have an app on the AppStore? Open source projects on GitHub? Why do you like what you do? What are your dreams? What would you like to achieve professionally?

    Often we don’t have any specific job openings, however if you think you would be a match in our team or have any questions then you are welcome to send us an email at hr@tuparev.com